By: Ann Corrigan

Magnetic Storage Solutions For Household Woes

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Who knew????  How many ways to use a magnet…

Which is your fav?  I love them all but the Light Switch Key Holder is fantastic.

One solution might be the answer to all of your household problems — magnets! Prepare to stick it to ’em, because if you can put a magnet on it, it can get organized in a flash.
Bobby Pins In One Place
It seems like an impossible feat. A house without one bobby pin where it shouldn’t be? If you use bobby pins, you they end up all over the house, but no more! Apply magnetic tape to a convenient bathroom surface to find them easily in the morning and store them at night, thanks to the Superwoman blog.
Bottles Up Here
Metal-topped beer and soda bottles can find a home on top of your fridge. Rather than knocking them over trying to fit new food in, give them a lift with bottleLoft magnets, or attach your own.
Magnetic Makeup
Organize bulkier makeup items in a cute and easy-to-find place by attaching magnet tape to your favorite eyeshadow palettes, brushes and foundations like
Hot Wheels Storage
Never play Godzilla again! Spare your feet by using magnetic knife holders to attach your child’s Hot Wheels cars. Depending on the car’s materials, you may or may not need to stick additional magnets on the bottom, but these should make for easy, kid-friendly cleanup.
Shelf-Side Spice Rack
Skip the cabinet clutter with this spice rack by, which is simply a sheet of steel and air-tight containers with magnets on the bottom. How clever!
Show Off Their Accomplishments
Don’t clutter your fridge. Instead, decorate a wall with your kids’ accomplishments. Cover a wall with sheet metal and attach that A+ paper, family reminders and greeting cards with a magnet like blogger
Hidden Magnet Light Switch
Always losing your keys? Keep them in one place — on the last switch you turn off before leaving the house. Take off the cover, add your magnets and stick those keys!
Organize Your Bathroom Necessities
Every girl needs her hair tyes and bobby pins, but they tend to clutter up the bathroom counter. Attach magnets to small containers, add your favorites inside and attach to a sheet of metal, which you can hang on the wall, in the cabinet or stand up by the mirror.
Magnetic Strip Spices
Store your spices in a stainless steel-topped jar and attach them below your cabinets with a magnetic knife strip. Genius and pretty!
Get The Kids’ Chores In Order
Keep track of the kids’ daily tasks and accomplishments with these hangable chore charts from, made from a sheet of metal and ribbon.
Two-In-One Wall
Let the kids draw on the walls! We’re not crazy. This DIY magnet and chalkboard is  two-in-one solution that’s perfect for home learning.
Change Your Lampshade With The Season!
Attach a magnet on the back of a seasonal silk flower and on the back of your lampshade with this super smart idea from Attach the two together, and bam! You have a cute lampshade embellishment you can change with the seasons.
Sewing Pin Dish
This is a quick craft you’ll want to dish about! Add magnets to the back of a pretty dish and use it to hold your sewing pins. No more need to fuss with a pin cushion, plus you can prevent pins from dropping on the floor.
Magnetic Wristband
When you’re working on a project, nothing is more aggravating than losing that screw youjust had. This DIY magnetic wristband from is the cure to all of your working woes.
Get Attached
What other item can do so many things around the house? Get on the magnet bandwagon, because they’re about to save you a lot of time and stress when organizing your home.